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Are You Properly Valuing Your Time?

Regardless of your specific trade, subject matter field, education, training or experience; a very common meeting area for business owners is a consistent lack of time as well as the balance of work and life. Have you ever truly considered the value of your time? Could you potentially be dedicating hours and sacrificing memorable moments to the wrong things? Current data shows that owners spend a weekly average of 16 hours on administrative tasks and duties - almost HALF of the average working week. These weekly hours can (and will be) volatile to you, as the owner, for growth, acquisition, retention, scalability and success; yet we continue spending them on tasks we do not specialize in. However, outsourcing those tasks to trained specialists could give you back valuable time; time to invest in you the owner as well as your passion.

We are asked frequently, "But won't that cost more?" In short, no, it is the opposite. Outsourcing these operation critical tasks, that can bury you under a mountain of mundane, is far less expensive than expanding your workforce internally. You gain the benefit of utilizing trained virtual specialists to gain efficiency. Virtual specialists and assistants free up your in-house resources (including your time as the owner or decision maker) to focus on key revenue generating tasks and projects. Redistribution of resources also means that owners additionally save operating expenses (benefits, recruitment, training and more) that can then be reinvested into the business. Owners will begin to see higher productivity as well as increased growth and sales

The best use of your time is doing what you’re good at, and freeing up those weekly hours can make a ground-breaking difference to your business growth. Giving your undivided attention to core tasks, helps you to focus and produce higher quality services for your clients – ultimately increasing sales and engagement. It’s easy to get lost under all these tasks, there always seems to be a time pressing matter. But to move your business forward you must invest your time wisely – into projects with more prospective potential.

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